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Customer Care

Compton's Clinic is a company that does not segregate, but indeed has concerns about the social issues of today being sexism, racism, prejudice, segregation of any form, violence of any form, privacy infringement, and mental health. We see fitness issues for the women who feel uncomfortable with personal trainers, for the people who feel like they're just being told what to do and not why, for the people who feel personal trainers are too expensive. At Compton's Clinic we push to make your experience as comfortable as possible, and we want you to have confidence to come back again. Nothing matters more than your voice and your opinion.

If you have any advice, any queries, or have a complaint, please let us know by visiting the feedback page or by emailing

Interested in Compton's Clinic?

If you would like to be a part of Compton's Clinic, simply head to the Contact page and we will assess if there is space and opportunity. We encourage for people interested in making the world a better place full of hope and education for all who desire achieving their goals, better living, and to innovate what they think needs solving in this world.

Privacy & Safety

Privacy in this day and age is a major concern. Our mission is growth. We use your data collected through insights to grow the business but only in a manner that uses your activity with us, not personal information, to learn about how business is going and see where changes are necessary if ever so needed. Any information you give at sign in or at any point can be requested back to you if you feel the need. We care about your individuality and your privacy and do continue to work on making your experience the best possible.

Payment Methods


- DPO (Direct Payment Online)

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